Drawn on Thu 14 March Instant Wins

Sonos Beam Gen2 Sound Bar – Won by Simon Knowles – Ticket Number 288

Cash alternative: £300

£1.99per entry

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Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Simon Knowles 288 14/03/2024

Sonos Beam Gen2 Sound Bar

Enjoy vibrant bass, crystal clear dialogue, and a panoramic soundstage. Experience a 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos. Stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks from all your favourite services when the TV is off. Control with the Sonos app, your TV remote, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice. Breeze through setup with only two cables, step-by-step guidance from the Sonos app, and smart True lay tuning.

Effortlessly enrich your entertainment experience with the latest generation of Beam, now with Dolby Atmos. Enjoy panoramic sound for TV, music, and more.

Ticket NumberDateName
52024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
62024-03-14 21:01:50Will Nock
102024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
122024-03-14 18:41:15Gelu Crivat
162024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
172024-03-13 20:04:41Stephen Byrne
202024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
212024-03-14 19:48:20Gareth Davies
222024-03-13 16:38:17William Pearson
242024-03-14 20:37:14Mark Bolitho
282024-03-14 19:47:55Mark Tyson
292024-03-14 21:07:21Michelle McMurray
302024-03-14 12:38:58Jake Bird
342024-03-14 18:20:47Stewart Eversham
362024-03-14 18:13:54Andrew Burnay
382024-03-14 07:09:13Sandeep Panaganti
392024-03-14 11:54:32lee lamb
432024-03-14 19:57:20Roderic Davies
472024-03-14 21:53:44James Murdoch
572024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
632024-03-14 20:08:55Andy Henderson
682024-03-14 19:55:59Scott Smith
732024-03-14 19:55:59Scott Smith
772024-03-13 17:50:27Simon Knowles
792024-03-14 19:12:50Thomas Rocha leal
812024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
832024-03-12 19:09:22William Simpson
842024-03-13 09:34:43Oliver Green
882024-03-12 00:09:55Steve Pearson
892024-03-13 21:24:59linda Croston
902024-03-14 21:02:47Keith Harcus
922024-03-14 20:08:55Andy Henderson
952024-03-14 19:37:24Adrian Elkins
1002024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
1022024-03-10 09:38:55Dwayne Mullan
1092024-03-10 20:55:42Simon Knowles
1102024-03-14 19:37:24Adrian Elkins
1122024-03-11 13:20:38Claire Dowdall
1142024-03-14 19:37:24Adrian Elkins
1212024-03-14 20:37:14Mark Bolitho
1232024-03-14 18:41:15Gelu Crivat
1302024-03-12 00:09:55Steve Pearson
1322024-03-14 00:20:55Peter Jones
1332024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
1352024-03-14 18:27:40Rhys Crookes
1362024-03-14 19:41:48Scott Mabon
1372024-03-14 21:34:46Nathan Shaughnessy
1422024-03-14 18:13:54Andrew Burnay
1452024-03-14 19:12:50Thomas Rocha leal
1492024-03-14 21:28:41Paul Edwards
1522024-03-13 17:50:27Simon Knowles
1532024-03-14 17:59:15Sandeep Panaganti
1632024-03-08 21:04:34Martin Parbrook
1652024-03-14 18:13:54Andrew Burnay
1672024-03-14 11:27:49Stephen Elrick
1682024-03-14 20:37:11Julie Leaver
1692024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
1732024-03-14 19:47:55Mark Tyson
1802024-03-13 16:43:45Craig Munro
1842024-03-14 20:34:52Natalie Strothard
1902024-03-14 20:52:35Robert Shearer
1932024-03-13 17:50:27Simon Knowles
1942024-03-12 19:09:22William Simpson
1952024-03-14 20:38:58Ovidiu Cosman
1972024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
1982024-03-14 19:47:55Mark Tyson
2022024-03-14 18:01:38Sandeep Panaganti
2032024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
2052024-03-14 21:38:34David Worrall
2082024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
2112024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
2142024-03-14 12:38:58Jake Bird
2172024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
2202024-03-14 20:08:55Andy Henderson
2242024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
2272024-03-14 21:41:00Adrian Iulian Ghiurca
2302024-03-13 20:54:48John McPartlan
2312024-03-14 21:18:46Qasam Jameel
2372024-03-14 21:18:19David Steadman
2392024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
2412024-03-13 08:46:40Dean Graham
2422024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
2482024-03-14 19:32:03Patryk Tomaszek
2512024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
2522024-03-14 21:01:51Richard McConnell
2552024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
2572024-03-14 00:20:55Peter Jones
2612024-03-14 20:57:26Claire kirby
2642024-03-13 16:22:39scott latimer
2662024-03-14 12:38:58Jake Bird
2682024-03-06 19:24:04Darin Freindorf
2702024-03-14 18:41:15Gelu Crivat
2712024-03-14 07:09:13Sandeep Panaganti
2742024-03-14 20:20:42Elaine McAleer
2752024-03-14 17:15:19Anthony Ruddy
2772024-03-13 20:54:48John McPartlan
2782024-03-14 21:28:41Paul Edwards
2812024-03-14 18:58:41James Lloyd
2862024-03-14 19:47:55Mark Tyson
2872024-03-13 11:18:40Justin Maisey
2882024-03-13 17:50:27Simon Knowles
2902024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
2952024-03-14 20:55:45Andrew Hessey
2962024-03-10 20:55:57Ben Huntley
2972024-03-14 20:18:10Craig Davies
2982024-03-14 19:36:45Rich Higham-Thompson
3042024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
3052024-03-14 19:49:25Mark Barlow
3092024-03-14 19:47:55Mark Tyson
3102024-03-13 17:50:27Simon Knowles
3142024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
3162024-03-14 21:46:02Stephanie Cavendish
3212024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
3242024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
3322024-03-14 19:12:50Thomas Rocha leal
3332024-03-14 18:13:54Andrew Burnay
3342024-03-07 18:32:18David Griffin
3362024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
3382024-03-14 20:08:55Andy Henderson
3392024-03-14 17:15:19Anthony Ruddy
3432024-03-14 20:37:14Mark Bolitho
3492024-03-14 00:20:55Peter Jones
3512024-03-14 21:33:34Kerine Jackson
3532024-03-14 18:41:15Gelu Crivat
3602024-03-14 18:41:15Gelu Crivat
3612024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
3622024-03-14 21:41:00Adrian Iulian Ghiurca
3692024-03-14 19:09:02Craig Hope
3722024-03-14 18:02:50Gavin Conere
3742024-03-13 20:54:48John McPartlan
3782024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
3842024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
3852024-03-14 21:28:41Paul Edwards
3862024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
3892024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
3922024-03-14 21:03:18Agnes Gordon
3932024-03-14 19:46:59Samuel Clark
3942024-03-12 12:02:35lynn JOHNSON
3972024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4002024-03-14 20:57:26Claire kirby
4032024-03-14 18:13:54Andrew Burnay
4082024-03-14 19:12:50Thomas Rocha leal
4102024-03-14 21:18:19David Steadman
4162024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4182024-03-06 12:52:39Isabel Rogers
4222024-03-14 19:37:24Adrian Elkins
4242024-03-14 12:31:11Paul Edwards
4252024-03-14 21:33:34Kerine Jackson
4282024-03-14 20:16:32Gavin Jones
4292024-03-14 21:33:34Kerine Jackson
4302024-03-14 21:18:19David Steadman
4312024-03-14 12:31:11Paul Edwards
4402024-03-14 19:13:01Andrew Murphy
4442024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
4482024-03-14 04:32:14Geoffrey Hall
4522024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4612024-03-14 20:37:14Mark Bolitho
4632024-03-10 20:55:42Simon Knowles
4702024-03-14 20:17:04Chris O'Neill
4712024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4722024-03-12 12:02:35lynn JOHNSON
4732024-03-14 00:20:55Peter Jones
4772024-03-14 12:31:11Paul Edwards
4792024-03-14 12:38:58Jake Bird
4802024-03-14 20:19:38Paula DALE
4812024-03-12 22:39:03Alexander Stoddart
4842024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4872024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
4882024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
4902024-03-10 20:55:42Simon Knowles
4942024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
5002024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5022024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5032024-03-14 21:51:10Julie Williams
5082024-03-14 17:15:19Anthony Ruddy
5132024-03-14 19:45:03Letisha Brassil
5182024-03-13 11:18:40Justin Maisey
5212024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5262024-03-10 20:55:57Ben Huntley
5282024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5312024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
5342024-03-14 14:18:03David Smith
5362024-03-14 20:38:44Darren Hennessey
5372024-03-14 19:32:03Patryk Tomaszek
5402024-03-14 20:08:55Andy Henderson
5422024-03-14 18:22:47Dan Hardy
5432024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
5452024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5482024-03-14 12:31:11Paul Edwards
5502024-03-14 20:55:45Andrew Hessey
5542024-03-14 21:28:10JOHN THAIVEETIL ROBERT
5552024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
5562024-03-12 15:09:07Jason Paul
5572024-03-14 20:20:42Elaine McAleer
5582024-03-13 07:23:35Daniela Sirbulescu
5602024-03-14 00:20:55Peter Jones
5682024-03-14 19:09:02Craig Hope
5692024-03-14 21:01:50Will Nock
5702024-03-14 20:55:05Kevin Ryrie
5842024-03-14 19:37:24Adrian Elkins
5852024-03-14 17:28:37Tony coils
5862024-03-14 12:38:58Jake Bird
5882024-03-14 11:28:17Robert Shearer
5892024-03-14 12:31:11Paul Edwards
5932024-03-14 17:59:15Sandeep Panaganti
5952024-03-10 10:22:41Fraser Rule

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LIVE DRAW DRAW TAKES PLACE REGARDLESS OF SELL OUT. COMPETITION WILL CLOSE SOONER IF ALL ENTRIES ARE SOLD. LIVE DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON OUR Facebook page. The Live draw and updates will be on the Storm Competitions Facebook page! You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email.

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We use Google’s Random Number Generator to select the winner of each competition so the winning number is is completely chosen at random, in a live stream on Facebook.

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Storm Competitions will make arrangements with the winner to arrange either collection or delivery.

What if the competition timer runs out and the competition is not completed?

If the competition has not sold out within the time scale, the draw will still go ahead.

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

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