Drawn on Sun 12 May Instant Wins

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ 11in 128GB Wi-Fi Tablet #4 – Won by Trevor Wing – Ticket Number 224

£1.99per entry

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Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Trevor Wing 224 12/05/2024

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ 11in 128GB Wi-Fi Tablet

Ticket NumberDateName
12024-05-11 18:58:32Lyndsey Gomersall
82024-05-06 21:15:21David Steadman
102024-05-10 09:36:23Diane Fannan
172024-05-12 11:40:49Ana Solodiankina
192024-05-12 21:32:08Dave Miller
202024-05-12 21:36:30Leigh Bell
222024-05-01 17:44:59Daniel Wright
252024-05-11 15:08:40Paul Walters
262024-04-27 19:29:09Sandra WRIGHT
292024-05-12 20:23:01Mitzi Collingwood
302024-05-05 18:16:51Jason Lindley
322024-05-02 14:12:07Nicoleta Paluhova
342024-05-12 20:28:42David Steadman
352024-05-11 15:08:40Paul Walters
372024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew
382024-05-12 18:41:09Darius Daugela
412024-05-12 14:07:27paul grocock
422024-05-12 21:21:23Craig Hope
442024-05-11 19:45:09Mavis Roberts
462024-05-12 21:36:30Leigh Bell
502024-05-12 20:26:03Darren Given
532024-05-12 19:48:25James Elder
542024-05-05 12:00:52Allan Glass
562024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew
592024-04-30 19:27:28Sandra Banks
622024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew
632024-04-26 19:42:33Paul Johnston
642024-04-27 23:13:51Lorna Heddle
692024-05-12 21:40:43Antony Pinheiro
702024-05-12 16:10:19susan Fryer
712024-05-12 21:36:30Leigh Bell
722024-05-12 07:48:30Paul Wilson
742024-05-12 21:32:17Ashley Stewart
782024-05-12 20:16:55Patrick Coleman
802024-05-12 21:23:23Fraser Coltherd
832024-05-10 12:00:18James Brown
852024-05-12 21:24:03Bradley Gemmell
892024-04-27 17:42:32Adrian Temple
922024-05-12 21:14:30David Worrall
952024-05-12 16:15:10Rom Lamparelli
972024-05-12 21:43:53Laura Davies
982024-05-12 21:11:24John Flett
992024-05-12 09:58:02Gavin Conere
1022024-05-12 11:17:39Iulian Frincu
1052024-05-02 19:33:30Saulius Andrulis
1062024-05-12 21:11:46Rob Marshall
1072024-05-12 21:30:45Nicoleta Paluhova
1082024-05-10 18:45:25Dewi Griffith
1102024-05-01 19:50:21Patrick Coleman
1122024-05-12 19:45:24Richard Newton
1142024-04-29 21:13:15Terence smith
1152024-05-12 17:40:35Jonathan Roberts
1172024-05-12 13:35:03Phil Wilmshurst
1202024-05-12 20:00:20Jennifer Bland
1222024-05-12 13:43:19Maros Volcko
1242024-05-12 14:07:52Robert Gatt
1252024-05-10 23:22:31Siobhan Coltherd
1292024-05-08 16:05:42Nicoleta Paluhova
1302024-05-12 09:39:22Rak G
1332024-05-12 21:32:08Dave Miller
1352024-05-12 18:41:09Darius Daugela
1362024-05-12 18:20:58david cormack
1442024-05-12 21:36:30Leigh Bell
1462024-05-10 20:39:32Trevor Wing
1472024-05-12 14:07:27paul grocock
1482024-05-12 20:31:53Zubeir Ahmed
1522024-05-02 17:24:20Maros Volcko
1532024-05-08 23:05:47Fiona Douglas
1552024-05-12 21:24:03Bradley Gemmell
1562024-05-12 21:38:28Kieran Deehan
1592024-05-12 21:37:57Ricky Perry
1632024-05-12 20:25:17Valdis Peipins
1642024-05-06 20:10:12Maros Volcko
1662024-05-12 18:41:24Jordan Parker
1672024-05-12 20:35:41Mr lee Thomas
1692024-04-28 20:37:09Fraser Rule
1702024-05-05 09:18:10Karl Wheeler
1712024-05-12 21:12:48Mark Cooke
1752024-05-12 20:56:18Jonathan Walsh
1782024-05-12 07:48:30Paul Wilson
1802024-05-12 16:10:19susan Fryer
1812024-05-12 20:52:55Sam Collinson
1822024-05-12 20:03:31Gemma Laming
1832024-05-12 21:55:14Colm Gaul
1842024-05-12 12:52:14Lorraine Howells
1852024-05-12 20:00:20Jennifer Bland
1862024-04-29 21:13:15Terence smith
1872024-05-12 20:34:17George Kaye
1912024-05-12 17:40:35Jonathan Roberts
1942024-05-12 20:28:42David Steadman
1952024-05-12 19:41:29Leona Cowap
1972024-05-12 21:35:39Joanne Cross
1982024-05-02 14:12:07Nicoleta Paluhova
2002024-05-12 07:39:44Paul Wilson
2022024-05-10 08:53:07P King
2032024-05-12 21:49:32Callum Doyle
2052024-05-12 21:49:40Lindsey millen
2082024-05-10 13:06:37Craig Hope
2092024-05-10 12:38:38Rhys Crookes
2102024-05-11 14:31:06Stephen Humble
2122024-05-10 05:45:46Jayne Douglas
2132024-05-12 13:30:04John O'Sullivan
2142024-05-10 20:39:32Trevor Wing
2152024-05-11 20:52:40Chris Salisbury
2192024-05-02 14:12:07Nicoleta Paluhova
2202024-04-26 19:42:33Paul Johnston
2242024-05-10 20:39:32Trevor Wing
2312024-05-11 15:08:40Paul Walters
2322024-05-12 17:40:35Jonathan Roberts
2352024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew
2362024-05-10 21:18:38Chris Simpson
2382024-05-06 16:45:41Saulius Andrulis
2392024-05-01 19:50:21Patrick Coleman
2432024-05-12 20:03:37gaynor banks
2452024-05-12 21:07:11Ruth Hardman
2472024-05-12 21:01:32Diane Fannan
2512024-05-12 21:51:54Gavin Jones
2522024-05-12 17:37:19James Lloyd
2542024-05-12 07:48:30Paul Wilson
2562024-05-12 11:09:37Paul Richardson
2582024-04-26 16:47:34Jonathan Mallett
2592024-04-28 10:05:19Kevin Greeves
2632024-05-12 20:16:55Patrick Coleman
2642024-05-12 21:52:17Codrin Frunza
2652024-05-12 16:10:19susan Fryer
2662024-05-12 13:01:38Craig Hope
2672024-05-12 21:39:49Paul Aldcroft
2692024-05-12 20:16:55Patrick Coleman
2722024-05-09 12:18:09Mike MacNeil
2732024-05-08 23:05:47Fiona Douglas
2752024-05-03 22:57:13Jonathan Mallett
2772024-05-12 16:10:19susan Fryer
2782024-05-12 20:16:55Patrick Coleman
2812024-05-12 20:03:22Bartlomiej Ferenc
2832024-05-12 21:32:08Dave Miller
2842024-05-08 00:46:16Sam Henderson
2862024-05-09 12:18:09Mike MacNeil
2892024-05-12 18:20:58david cormack
2922024-04-30 12:13:23Maros Volcko
2932024-05-05 22:17:04RICHARD SLOAN
2952024-05-12 10:33:55Andrew Burnay
2962024-05-12 17:10:16Philip Nugent
2982024-05-12 19:36:38Ilsa Clark
3002024-05-12 21:42:13Gary Scott
3022024-05-10 19:08:48Lisa Jones
3032024-05-12 21:23:26Chris Bygott
3042024-05-11 15:08:40Paul Walters
3062024-05-07 22:40:09Cristina Rosca
3072024-05-05 09:18:10Karl Wheeler
3082024-05-12 20:36:49Darren Buck
3112024-05-12 19:19:36Vicky Fee
3122024-05-12 21:13:51Fiona Davies
3162024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew
3172024-05-10 12:00:18James Brown
3182024-05-11 20:32:01Michael Butler
3232024-05-12 20:28:42David Steadman
3242024-05-12 17:40:35Jonathan Roberts
3252024-04-29 21:13:15Terence smith
3332024-05-12 17:10:16Philip Nugent
3372024-05-12 19:55:49Ria Tomlinson
3412024-04-30 11:35:48sean Marshall
3422024-05-06 14:07:25Gail Ward
3432024-05-12 20:16:55Patrick Coleman
3472024-05-12 13:01:38Craig Hope
3482024-05-12 17:40:35Jonathan Roberts
3512024-05-04 14:25:41Seán McManus
3532024-05-12 20:03:07Christopher jones
3562024-05-12 18:33:51Wendy Kirkness
3572024-05-12 18:41:09Darius Daugela
3582024-05-12 21:30:06Deborah Wild
3602024-05-12 21:12:48Mark Cooke
3642024-05-12 15:04:26Gary Paterson
3652024-04-29 21:13:15Terence smith
3672024-05-11 15:08:40Paul Walters
3692024-05-12 21:47:48Jason Matthews
3702024-05-06 21:15:21David Steadman
3742024-05-10 20:39:32Trevor Wing
3752024-05-12 21:36:30Leigh Bell
3802024-05-12 07:48:30Paul Wilson
3812024-05-12 18:36:26John Blick
3822024-05-07 21:45:26Robert Gatt
3832024-05-12 16:10:19susan Fryer
3852024-05-12 13:30:04John O'Sullivan
3862024-04-30 12:13:23Maros Volcko
3892024-05-12 21:10:20Diana Johnson
3902024-05-12 20:58:53Sandeep Panaganti
3922024-05-11 19:02:57Qasam Jameel
3932024-05-12 21:08:48Manjit Sandhu
3942024-05-12 17:27:01Sean Curran
3972024-05-12 21:51:49Tony Diable
3982024-05-12 17:57:22linda Croston
3992024-05-10 15:06:46Cassandra Arden-Trew

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LIVE DRAW DRAW TAKES PLACE REGARDLESS OF SELL OUT. COMPETITION WILL CLOSE SOONER IF ALL ENTRIES ARE SOLD. LIVE DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON OUR Facebook page. The Live draw and updates will be on the Storm Competitions Facebook page! You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email.

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We use Google’s Random Number Generator to select the winner of each competition so the winning number is is completely chosen at random, in a live stream on Facebook.

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Storm Competitions will make arrangements with the winner to arrange either collection or delivery.

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

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