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DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo – Won by Kerine Jackson – Ticket Number 377

Cash alternative: £300

£1.99per entry

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Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Kerine Jackson 377 06/03/2024

DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo

About this item
Impeccable Image Quality, Day or Night – Experience stunning image clarity and unparalleled low-light performance with the 4K action camera’s large 1/1.3-inch sensor, capturing every adventure in breathtaking detail from dawn to dusk.
Vivid, True-to-Life Colors – Elevate your footage using 10-bit & D-Log M Color Performance to capture dazzling effects in golden sunrises and vibrant sunsets. Impress your audience with the action camera’s vivid brilliance!
Long-Lasting Power, Even in Extreme Cold – Tackle low temperatures of -20°C (-4°F) and record up to 150 minutes non-stop with this reliable action camera, ensuring every thrilling moment is captured in the harshest conditions.
Impressive 4K/120fps & 155° Ultra-Wide FOV -Experience high-resolution, ultra-wide FOV footage that immerses you in the action. From riding epic waves to flaunting your skate skills, Action 4 delivers captivating slow-motion shots.
Switch Perspectives Just in Seconds – Effortlessly switch your camera’s position with our Magnetic Quick Release feature, enabling seamless transitions between horizontal and vertical shots and unlocking unprecedented creative freedom.
Say Goodbye to Shaky Footage – 3 stabilization modes provide steady footage, whether conquering rugged terrains or executing daring stunts. Record every moment with unmatched stability and crystal-clear clarity.
Comes with the Action 4 Standard combo and includes 3 batteries with a multifunctional charging case. Keep a few extra batteries on hand and say goodbye to power anxiety. A Charging Case can give the batteries a quick charge and improve efficiency.
New Updates! – Pre-Rec lets you capture footage from 5/10/15/30/60 s before pressing the Record Button. Perfect for fishing enthusiasts. In addition, Highlight is now supported.

Ticket NumberDateName
32024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
62024-03-06 19:10:52gaynor banks
92024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
142024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
162024-03-06 19:22:47Jennifer Bland
212024-03-06 20:58:35Chris O'Neill
292024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
302024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
332024-03-06 18:36:34Mark Cooke
342024-03-06 18:36:34Mark Cooke
352024-03-06 21:20:27Kerine Jackson
382024-03-06 14:21:33Aisling Carr
392024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
412024-03-01 10:34:34Kevin Breetz
512024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
562024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
572024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
582024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
602024-03-06 21:47:27Clare Scott
682024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
722024-03-06 18:56:33Karen Foubister
732024-03-06 18:36:20Marcin Zurek
782024-03-06 20:08:12Marius Petria
792024-02-28 17:12:03Paul Martin
832024-03-06 15:18:59Ian Thorp
912024-03-06 19:54:29Andrej strokin
942024-03-05 20:05:36Chris Baxter
952024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
982024-03-06 19:22:47Jennifer Bland
1032024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
1042024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
1052024-03-05 20:17:20Sarah Harvey
1062024-03-06 20:20:01Jamie Babb
1092024-02-26 21:01:01Brigita Ambloziejute
1102024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
1152024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
1182024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
1202024-03-06 21:35:28Lewis Paul
1212024-03-06 17:40:36Deborah Wild
1262024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
1292024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
1302024-03-06 18:56:33Karen Foubister
1372024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
1382024-03-06 21:37:08Maz H
1422024-03-06 21:20:27Kerine Jackson
1442024-03-06 21:50:14Susie James
1452024-03-06 12:20:02Maros Volcko
1482024-03-06 12:52:39Isabel Rogers
1492024-03-04 19:01:18Joanne Banks
1532024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
1592024-03-06 05:17:11Justin Maisey
1602024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
1672024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
1682024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
1702024-03-06 21:52:03Tobias Clark
1732024-03-06 21:44:17Peter Huxley
1752024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
1782024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
1872024-03-06 19:16:57Iain Donaldson
1902024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
1922024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
1932024-03-06 21:08:23David Worrall
1962024-03-06 19:54:29Andrej strokin
1972024-03-06 21:17:38Mark Higgon
2022024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2062024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
2072024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
2082024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
2102024-02-28 17:12:03Paul Martin
2132024-03-06 20:15:03BRIAN HEPBURN
2152024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
2162024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
2172024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2222024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2252024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
2282024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
2302024-03-06 14:21:33Aisling Carr
2372024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
2392024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
2402024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
2412024-03-02 13:05:18Anthony Gallagher
2432024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2462024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2472024-03-06 21:47:38Phillippa Stewart
2492024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
2542024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
2562024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
2622024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2672024-03-06 17:39:33Jody Williams
2692024-03-06 21:38:37Aisling Carr
2712024-03-06 12:52:39Isabel Rogers
2792024-03-06 19:15:11Dermot O'Hanlon
2802024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2822024-03-06 15:44:11Sadiq Quasim
2832024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
2892024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
2942024-03-06 13:30:40Joan Munro
2962024-03-06 18:36:20Marcin Zurek
2982024-03-06 19:54:29Andrej strokin
2992024-03-06 11:20:20David Cansfield
3042024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3062024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
3082024-03-06 21:17:38Mark Higgon
3092024-03-06 21:47:27Clare Scott
3112024-03-06 21:51:25Susie James
3122024-03-06 16:17:06John Smith
3132024-03-06 19:34:05Neil Wallace
3142024-03-06 21:00:06Inguss Kursitis
3152024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
3162024-03-06 15:31:38Desmond Kenna
3172024-03-03 07:11:05Gheorghita Prisacaru
3192024-03-06 16:03:01Geanina Pincoschi
3222024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3232024-03-06 17:38:51Andrew Stevens
3242024-03-06 21:04:28Perry Comley
3292024-03-06 18:36:34Mark Cooke
3322024-03-06 18:43:06Denny ABRAHAM
3342024-03-06 21:13:16Chris Bryce
3352024-03-06 20:01:31Aleksandrs Plevinskis
3362024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
3372024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3412024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
3422024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
3472024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3522024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
3572024-03-04 18:36:53Tomas Buncek
3602024-03-06 18:56:33Karen Foubister
3612024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3632024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3682024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
3692024-03-06 19:22:47Jennifer Bland
3732024-03-06 10:47:04Chris O'Neill
3742024-03-06 18:36:34Mark Cooke
3752024-03-06 18:21:51Jason Matthews
3762024-03-06 20:51:18Dan Hardy
3772024-03-06 21:20:27Kerine Jackson
3802024-03-06 18:36:20Marcin Zurek
3872024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
3912024-03-06 20:51:18Dan Hardy
3972024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
4002024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
4022024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
4122024-03-05 14:18:43Douglas Ross
4152024-03-05 23:00:27David Long
4182024-03-06 18:36:34Mark Cooke
4192024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
4212024-03-06 21:38:37Aisling Carr
4242024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
4252024-03-05 03:40:20Razia Anwar
4262024-03-06 21:51:51Andrew Murphy
4282024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
4312024-03-06 18:36:20Marcin Zurek
4382024-03-06 21:11:10Chris Ball
4422024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
4472024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
4492024-03-02 16:11:21Matthew Frisby
4622024-03-06 19:54:29Andrej strokin
4652024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
4682024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
4712024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
4722024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
4732024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
4842024-03-06 19:16:57Iain Donaldson
4902024-03-06 19:15:11Dermot O'Hanlon
4932024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
4962024-03-06 21:00:29gary brown
4972024-03-06 18:36:20Marcin Zurek
4992024-03-06 19:54:29Andrej strokin
5022024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
5032024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5082024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5092024-03-06 19:45:33Joshua Fisher
5122024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
5142024-03-06 20:01:31Aleksandrs Plevinskis
5152024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms
5162024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5272024-03-01 10:34:34Kevin Breetz
5282024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5302024-03-06 19:22:47Jennifer Bland
5312024-03-06 19:15:11Dermot O'Hanlon
5322024-03-06 21:44:36Clare Scott
5332024-03-06 20:15:01Stuart Gall
5342024-03-02 19:11:37Larah Graham
5362024-03-06 16:04:37Piotr Pawlak
5372024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
5382024-03-06 16:17:06John Smith
5392024-03-06 21:47:40Valdis Peipins
5402024-03-06 18:30:31Dan Hardy
5412024-03-06 15:31:38Desmond Kenna
5422024-03-06 21:38:37Aisling Carr
5472024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5482024-03-06 18:56:33Karen Foubister
5492024-02-29 22:58:44Brigita Ambloziejute
5522024-03-06 19:56:43Thomas Rocha leal
5542024-03-06 20:15:01Stuart Gall
5612024-03-06 21:46:24Calum Bryan
5692024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5702024-03-06 20:36:54Viorel-Mihai Manea
5712024-03-06 21:20:27Kerine Jackson
5752024-03-06 15:49:24Martyn Mortimer
5762024-03-06 20:56:12Jenna Harcus
5782024-03-06 18:18:06Mircea Stefan Mercas
5832024-03-06 21:20:27Kerine Jackson
5842024-03-06 21:50:42Matthew Sullivan
5862024-03-06 19:14:22Adam Burkin
5882024-03-06 10:17:31Craig Hope
5922024-03-06 05:17:11Justin Maisey
5932024-03-06 20:54:53JOHN KIRKLAND
5992024-03-06 16:30:58Jamie Toms

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LIVE DRAW DRAW TAKES PLACE REGARDLESS OF SELL OUT. COMPETITION WILL CLOSE SOONER IF ALL ENTRIES ARE SOLD. LIVE DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON OUR Facebook page. The Live draw and updates will be on the Storm Competitions Facebook page! You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email.

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We use Google’s Random Number Generator to select the winner of each competition so the winning number is is completely chosen at random, in a live stream on Facebook.

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Storm Competitions will make arrangements with the winner to arrange either collection or delivery.

What if the competition timer runs out and the competition is not completed?

If the competition has not sold out within the time scale, the draw will still go ahead.

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

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