Drawn on Thu 01 February Instant Wins

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation – Won by Laura Davies – Ticket Number 29

£1.99per entry

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Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Laura Davies 29 01/02/2024

Ticket NumberDateName
32024-01-25 23:40:16Ivan Taylor
52024-02-01 21:49:31John Brett
72024-02-01 20:47:17Richard Cheape
162024-02-01 19:42:48Gerald Russell
182024-02-01 21:48:23John Kirkland
202024-02-01 20:30:22Chris Durham
212024-02-01 17:25:48paul grocock
232024-02-01 12:35:32Chris Durham
282024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
292024-02-01 18:18:09Laura Davies
322024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
332024-02-01 20:10:07Dexter Morse
342024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
372024-02-01 19:48:42David Fox
462024-02-01 18:52:20D M
502024-02-01 18:48:49Karl Wendrich
542024-02-01 21:29:32Anthony Ruddy
552024-01-27 11:23:40Brendan Barker
582024-01-25 16:32:48ANGIE ANDERSON
602024-02-01 21:23:12Andrew Cromarty
622024-02-01 20:17:22Mark Croy
662024-02-01 17:25:48paul grocock
682024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
692024-02-01 21:52:42Nyahnyoh Nfi
722024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
732024-01-30 21:29:21Diane Muir
742024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
752024-01-28 19:53:29Beverley Holmes
802024-02-01 17:40:16Jake Bird
812024-02-01 21:25:35Tabassum Aziz
822024-02-01 17:25:48paul grocock
852024-02-01 19:58:00Diane Fannan
882024-02-01 21:29:32Anthony Ruddy
972024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
1052024-02-01 21:17:24James Fowler
1082024-01-30 15:28:56Lucindy McHardy
1092024-02-01 11:03:46Aaron Withe
1152024-01-27 11:39:50Chris Durham
1162024-02-01 21:04:01Emma Kirkpatrick
1172024-01-23 14:12:14Michael Ritchie
1222024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
1242024-01-23 19:06:18Aaron Phelan
1332024-02-01 14:29:40Laura Powell
1352024-01-29 15:58:44Leona Nicolson
1392024-02-01 20:06:56Raman Daniels
1452024-02-01 11:58:31Adrian Patterson
1462024-02-01 18:46:26Sam Ryalls
1522024-02-01 21:18:09Jill Condy
1552024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
1562024-02-01 19:42:48Gerald Russell
1582024-02-01 20:58:19Jason Matthews
1612024-01-30 20:35:55Louise Murray
1622024-02-01 20:55:33Tom Kilik
1692024-02-01 20:16:25Victoria Moar
1712024-02-01 19:35:06Debbie Hewison
1722024-02-01 13:06:50Barry Mclachlan
1732024-02-01 10:47:44Alan Harcus
1752024-02-01 12:35:32Chris Durham
1762024-02-01 13:30:37Simon Hopkins
1792024-02-01 19:37:57James Lloyd
1812024-02-01 21:48:23John Kirkland
1882024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
1892024-02-01 21:29:32Anthony Ruddy
1912024-02-01 18:52:20D M
1972024-02-01 20:06:05Alan Rankin
2032024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
2062024-02-01 20:03:22Torrens shearer
2072024-01-25 14:26:59Chris Durham
2102024-02-01 21:54:57John Parr
2112024-02-01 19:37:54Rebecca Maher
2152024-01-25 12:40:05Helen smith
2162024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
2172024-02-01 21:17:24James Fowler
2202024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
2232024-02-01 17:53:55Victor Samson
2252024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
2272024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
2292024-02-01 21:48:15Conor Jones
2352024-02-01 21:04:01Emma Kirkpatrick
2362024-02-01 21:45:44Nick Deighton
2392024-02-01 21:04:29Benjamin Bowen
2412024-02-01 17:40:16Jake Bird
2422024-02-01 20:28:08Wayne Monkman
2432024-01-25 14:26:59Chris Durham
2512024-01-25 19:20:54Stewart Crabtree
2542024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
2572024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
2622024-02-01 12:35:32Chris Durham
2632024-02-01 20:55:33Tom Kilik
2662024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
2732024-02-01 18:27:32Heather Miller
2742024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
2752024-02-01 21:04:01Emma Kirkpatrick
2792024-02-01 21:48:23John Kirkland
2842024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
2882024-02-01 17:40:16Jake Bird
2912024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
2932024-02-01 17:25:48paul grocock
2992024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
3002024-01-25 13:34:36Matthew Peall
3012024-02-01 21:10:29Nicola Owen
3102024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
3172024-01-29 16:03:43Sham Akhter
3182024-01-31 21:35:07Jodie Mccarthy
3192024-02-01 20:30:22Chris Durham
3222024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
3282024-02-01 20:28:56Christopher Burridge
3292024-02-01 19:27:37gaynor banks
3302024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
3322024-02-01 02:12:16Jon Chambers
3372024-01-27 11:39:50Chris Durham
3382024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
3412024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
3432024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
3462024-02-01 21:29:51Michael Murphy
3472024-02-01 19:54:09Andrew Dobbin
3492024-02-01 21:44:23Mandy Byers
3572024-02-01 18:52:20D M
3582024-01-23 14:14:44Michael Ritchie
3592024-02-01 21:09:13Patrick Ronan
3612024-01-31 20:09:04Freya Fisher
3632024-02-01 19:48:42David Fox
3642024-02-01 20:00:13lee lamb
3762024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
3812024-02-01 20:12:30Tracy Brewer
3852024-02-01 11:04:10Leona Nicolson
3872024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
3912024-02-01 19:37:54Rebecca Maher
3932024-02-01 21:25:35John Stewart
3942024-02-01 19:37:54Rebecca Maher
4012024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
4022024-02-01 21:48:23John Kirkland
4032024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
4052024-01-31 20:37:29Thomas Scott
4082024-02-01 20:04:10Craig Burn
4102024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
4142024-02-01 21:49:07Julie Leaver
4152024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
4192024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
4202024-02-01 19:49:51Joanne Cross
4212024-02-01 13:06:50Barry Mclachlan
4242024-02-01 20:06:56Raman Daniels
4352024-01-31 20:25:42Marta Owczarczyk
4432024-01-29 18:44:17Angela Conquest
4482024-02-01 17:25:48paul grocock
4502024-02-01 21:40:36Anthony Wingle
4512024-02-01 20:30:22Chris Durham
4522024-02-01 20:37:34Joe Slater
4602024-02-01 19:37:54Rebecca Maher
4662024-01-27 11:23:40Brendan Barker
4672024-01-25 20:17:31Roy Ellis
4702024-02-01 20:41:06David Worrall
4772024-02-01 21:17:24James Fowler
4792024-01-23 16:43:36Lisa Clarke
4802024-01-31 19:51:34Letisha Brassil
4822024-02-01 18:52:20D M
4862024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
4872024-02-01 21:27:09Shane Yarrow
4882024-01-24 08:27:48Alison Venman
4932024-02-01 18:52:20D M
4942024-02-01 13:16:07Ryan Manuel
4962024-02-01 21:45:44Nick Deighton
4972024-02-01 20:48:48Nassir Ali
4992024-02-01 21:29:32Anthony Ruddy
5002024-02-01 20:29:34Wesley Cannonier
5032024-02-01 14:53:38gary brown
5072024-02-01 17:40:16Jake Bird
5082024-02-01 17:33:49Andrew Stevens
5112024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
5122024-01-31 20:12:40Michael Boyle
5132024-02-01 13:28:32Joan Munro
5142024-01-31 21:57:47MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL AHMAD
5162024-01-24 13:56:21Kirsty McGowan
5172024-01-25 20:58:26Mandy Byers
5182024-02-01 21:17:24James Fowler
5192024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
5222024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
5232024-02-01 21:02:05Ceri Kindley
5252024-02-01 20:34:25Lisa Gunn
5262024-02-01 20:09:04Hassan Bilal
5272024-02-01 21:48:23John Kirkland
5282024-02-01 19:32:50Georgia Maclennan
5322024-02-01 20:34:59Joan Munro
5342024-01-25 14:26:59Chris Durham
5372024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
5392024-02-01 20:55:33Tom Kilik
5442024-01-31 21:57:47MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL AHMAD
5472024-02-01 19:03:15Joan Munro
5562024-02-01 20:46:57Chris Durham
5612024-02-01 17:40:16Jake Bird
5622024-02-01 20:24:22Nicky Watton
5672024-02-01 20:23:32david bisset
5682024-02-01 21:17:24James Fowler
5692024-02-01 20:06:29David Smith
5772024-02-01 20:29:34Wesley Cannonier
5792024-02-01 19:37:54Rebecca Maher
5812024-01-27 11:39:50Chris Durham
5842024-01-24 23:01:37Chris Durham
5862024-02-01 10:37:23Victor Samson
5882024-01-28 23:35:39Chris Durham
5902024-02-01 21:46:34Barry Wynn
5922024-02-01 19:35:06Debbie Hewison
5992024-02-01 19:55:50mary Campbell

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

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